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The Eric Liddell 100 Education Resource

Access our lesson plans and materials to bring Eric’s story to life and inspire a new generation.

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Introductory Film

This film (< 4 mins) provides an engaging introduction to Eric Liddell, who he was, the values he led his life by and the inspiration his story provides.

Lesson Plans

Access a range of subject specific lesson plans and supporting materials.

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Why learn about Eric Liddell

The story of Eric Liddell is important not only because of his sporting success but the values he led his life by and the good he brought to those he met.

Aims of the resource

To provide all young people with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of and be inspired by Eric Liddell.

To help educate pupils on the importance of and help to develop the three Eric Liddell 100 values; passion, compassion and integrity.

To assist in helping young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

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How this resource can be used

The aim of this resource is to give young people the opportunity to get to know more about Eric Liddell and to be inspired by his story and by his values of passion, compassion and integrity.

We hope that the resource will enable teachers and others working with young people to explore the facts and themes of Eric Liddell’s life through the lens of each of the eight areas of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. In doing so, we hope everyone will feel empowered with the knowledge that they can make a positive impact on the world if they approach challenges with passion, compassion and integrity as Eric Liddell did.

The resource has been designed by experienced teachers with inclusion and adaptability in mind. Individual lesson plans are designed to be used either by teachers working independently, or by those collaborating in multi-disciplinary projects within their setting.

The learning intentions, success criteria and experiences and outcomes are aimed at 12-14 year olds who are working at the third level of the Curriculum for Excellence. However, the resource could be adapted to suit younger or older groups, for example:

  • P7 pupils being prepared to join S1;
  • Young people attending holiday clubs, camps or other informal learning settings;
  • Pupils in the Senior Phase after their exam diet in the run up to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Although designed explicitly to correspond with the focus of the Scottish curriculum, the resource has also been trialled in schools elsewhere in the world. Please feel free to use the resource in whatever way suits you and the young people you work with.

To support meaningful inclusion for all pupils we include the Activity Inclusion Model and STEP framework which can be used to help adapt and modify activities for individuals with disabilities and additional support needs.

If you require further support in differentiating activities for your pupils please contact Scottish Disability Sport:
01313171130 |

Links to Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence

Aligned to the aims of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, The Eric Liddell 100 Education Resource aims to facilitate:

  • Helping Scotland’s children and young people gain the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for life in the 21st century.
  • An interdisciplinary approach using project based learning.
  • Opportunities for pupils to develop key skills and an awareness around the importance of values.
  • Learning and teaching aimed at helping young people to become:

Badge icon reading "Successful Learners"

Successful Learners


  • Enthusiasm and motivation for learning
  • Openness to new thinking and ideas

Who are able to:

  • Think creatively and independently
  • Learn independently and as part of a group
  • Link and apply different types of learning in new situations

Badge icon reading "Effective Contributers"

Effective Contributors


  • Resilience
  • Self-reliance

Who are able to:

  • Communicate in different ways and in different settings
  • Make informed choices and decisions
  • Work in partnership and in teams
  • Apply critical thinking in new contexts

Badge icon reading "Responsible Citizens"

Responsible Citizens


  • Respect for others views and beliefs

Who are able to:

  • Understand different beliefs
  • Make informed choices and decisions
  • Evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues

Badge icon reading "Confident Individuals"

Confident Individuals


  • Self respect
  • Secure values and beliefs

Who are able to:

  • Recognise others beliefs and values
  • Be self aware
  • Develop and communicate their own beliefs and values

Why learn about Eric Liddell?

In 2002 Eric Liddell was voted the most popular sporting hero Scotland had ever produced. The story of Eric Liddell is important not only because of his sporting success but also his values and the good he brought to those he met. More about Eric Liddell

On the 11th July 2024, it will be 100 years since Eric became Olympic champion at the 1924 Paris Olympics. With the 2024 Olympic Games also being held in Paris, we have a great opportunity to engage young people in Eric Liddell’s story, the values he led his life by, and the inspiration that comes from being exposed to the daily decisions and choices he made.

Eric was a man who lived his day to day life with passion, compassion and integrity. These are the three Eric Liddell 100 values our education resource has been developed around.

Eric was passionate about his beliefs, his sport, his work and doing the right thing. He showed compassion for friends and adversaries alike. He upheld the highest level of integrity, even under the greatest pressures and during times of great danger.

The resource will educate young people on Eric Liddell’s remarkable life. From the moment he decided he wouldn’t run his favoured event at the Olympic Games to the moment he died whilst imprisoned in an internment camp.

Each individual subject specific lesson plan will focus on educating pupils on and providing opportunity for them to develop one or more of the Eric Liddell 100 values.

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Lesson plans & supporting materials

Introductory and supporting materials

Eric Liddell Timeline (1)
Eric Liddell 100 Values (1)
Introductory Presentation (1)

Health and Wellbeing

Physical Education – Building Resilience Through Team Games (1)
Physical Education – Compassion (1)
Physical Education – Fair Play and Respect (2)
Physical Education – Teamwork – Creating a Routine (1)
Physical Education – The 400m Timed Race (2)
Physical Education – The 47.6 Second Challenges (1)

External Links and Resources

Great Scot Resource (Education Scotland) (1)
Heroes of Faith: Eric Liddell – The Boys Brigade (1)


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Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Eric Liddell Community gratefully acknowledges the enthusiasm, experience, and expertise of everyone who has been involved in the development of and provided ongoing support for the Eric Liddell 100 Education Resource.