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The Eric Liddell 100 Faith Resources

Access a range of resources to be used by churches to explore the life, faith and legacy of Eric Liddell.

Exploring the life, faith and legacy of Eric Liddell

In recognising the importance of faith to his story, The Eric Liddell 100 has worked with a range of faith organisations to develop a variety of ideas and resources for people in churches to draw from, to use to explore and celebrate Eric Liddell’s legacy. There are materials that can be included for congregational worship as well as with small groups and different ages.

The life, faith, mission and sporting achievements of Eric Liddell are being particularly celebrated during 2024, the centenary of the year that he won Gold in the Paris Olympics.

In the lead up to the 1924 Olympic Games, Eric Liddell refused to run in the heats for his favoured 100 m race, as they were being held on a Sunday – The Sabbath and Lord’s Day. Eric ran the 400-metre race instead and won gold in spectacular style.

Key themes that can be explored by churches and faith organisations through the life and faith of Eric Liddell include the following:

  • Running the race and sporting achievement
  • A life and calling of mission and service
  • Sharing his faith – he spoke throughout Scotland and further afield

We would encourage churches to find an opportunity to explore the life, faith and legacy of Eric Liddell during 2024, the centenary of his winning Gold at the Paris Olympics. The materials can also be used in future years – to commemorate Eric Liddell’s death on 21st February, to explore Mission, or remembrance.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

A number of different denominations and organisations have been involved in putting these materials together, to provide ideas and resources for churches to use in a variety of different contexts.