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Carers Programme

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Carers Programme

The role of a carer can be isolating and stressful. A Carers UK survey found that 8 in 10 carers feel lonely and anxious on a regular basis. Finding ways to cope with the demands of the role while getting respite can help to extend the time carers can manage with their loved ones at home.

Personalised support

Here at The Eric Liddell Community, we recognise that unpaid carers have different experiences and diverse needs.

Our programme reflects this and provides both personalised support and a range of options for unpaid carers to choose from, to best suit their needs and circumstances.

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Support we offer
to carers

Carers Programme

A programme of wellbeing classes and support, free of charge, to all unpaid carers across Edinburgh.

Dementia Inclusive Lunch for Carers

Two weekly Lunch Break Programmes to support carers and the people they care for.

Eric’s Escapes

Overnight and day breaks for carers, with or without the person they care for.


The Befriending Service pairs carers with trained volunteers to provide one-to-one companionship offering friendship and support to help reduce isolation.

Carers Programme

Our wide range of free health and wellbeing classes along with a range of free courses and activities offer carers the chance to meet and talk with others in a relaxed and informal setting. The programme also provides vital opportunities for carers to take a short break from their caring role as well as opportunities for carers and the person they care for to jointly take part in activities that help revive and sustain their relationship.

Our Carers Programme is being delivered as part of the Carewell Partnership and it is funded by the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership.

The programme is updated every quarter and generally includes the following activities

  • Music
  • Art
  • Dancing
  • Holistic Wellbeing
  • Outings
  • Talks
  • IT Support

 “This service is one of the best, helpful services I have used as a carer”

Quote from a carer

Dementia Inclusive Lunch for Carers

Liddell Lions Lunch Breaks Programme
The Liddell Lions Lunch Breaks Programme is a weekly lunch group attended by carers and people living with dementia. Participants share lunch together and participate in a variety of activities. These activities aim to bring people together and improve health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Lunch
The Wellbeing lunch is a two-course meal prepared by our fantastic community café chef. This meal is open to anyone and is a great opportunity for people to come together, meet others and find out more about the different activities that happen in the building. The wellbeing lunch is an inclusive space that encourages dialogue and social interactions whilst aiming to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

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Eric’s Escapes

The aim of Eric’s Escapes is giving you time away from caring to give you time to recharge your batteries. It’s easy to convince yourself that everything is fine, but is it healthy? Everyone needs a break – carers more than anybody as you’re responsible, and you’re taking care of somebody who is important to you. You can become trapped by feeling guilty if you take some time out.

It’s important to take some time out to look after yourself. After all, if your health fails, who will take over your caring duties in the longer term? We hope by going on one of our breaks you may find that it helps you stay well and feel better able to cope with caring.

If you would like to know more about Eric’s Escapes, please contact Fiona Brown at

Befriending Service

It supports unpaid carers living in Edinburgh by providing a trained volunteer befriender, who aims to provide an opportunity to socialise and have a break from caring responsibilities. Carer and befriender are matched on interests and circumstances, so there is a good basis to build a positive relationship. This is a free service and is offered to all unpaid carers across Edinburgh.

Case Study

One carer was connected with a new befriender, when her existing befriender returned to work.  The two parties very quickly found things in common and were able to establish a rich connection. The volunteer is very receptive towards doing things the carer is interested in, and plans outings to different places the carer may not have access to herself. Through these outings, the carer is able to enjoy the respite from caring responsibilities (she cares for two people in her family). In the carer’s own words, she is ‘very grateful to have been connected with [volunteer].’

As the befriending relationship has developed, the carer has also been connecting with more activities at The Eric Liddell Community, including our cookery classes in collaboration with Edinburgh Community Food, and the activities put on by the Cycling Confidence Group. Through staff at The Eric Liddell Community, the carer has also been referred to other organisations, and has been able to access a free holiday for herself and her family.

An additional quote from the carer: ‘In the past year I have benefit[ed] from the befriending service relationship as it has ensured that I have a set day / time allocated for me to engage and talk to another person outside the family home. This has allowed me to discuss and get another view point on day to day issues I have experienced caring for my husband and daughter who both have different health issues. The time out the house walking and visiting local places / parks and galleries has given me a welcome break from the day to day stresses.’