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Eric Liddell 100 Workstreams

1924 a smiling Eric Liddell at the Paris Olympics

Eric Liddell 100 Workstreams

The aims of The Eric Liddell 100 are being delivered through 3 workstreams: educational, sporting & physical activity, and cultural. If you would like to support the delivery of our plans, please donate or get in touch to find out more.

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Development of physical and online resources to support learning in schools, universities, and adult learning.

Sporting & Physical
Activity Workstream

Promoting the legacy of Eric Liddell’s sporting success through participation & competition across multiple disciplines.


The creation of an Eric Liddell Exhibition and other cultural celebrations in keeping with his legacy.

Educational Workstream

The aims of the educational workstream are to:

  • To raise the profile, knowledge and understanding of Eric Liddell.
  • To educate on the importance of the Eric Liddell 100 values, passion, compassion and integrity.
  • To provide an inclusive, fun, engaging, positive and memorable experience for pupils/ adult learners.

This work is being led by the Educational Working Group, which brings together people with relevant skills, experience and influence including partners from schools, universities, local authorities, government and sporting organisations.

There are two main developments being taken forward by the Educational Workstream:

  • Educational Resource for Schools – includes an introductory film and a suite of lesson plans and supporting materials covering a wide range of subject areas, linked to the life and values of Eric Liddell (available from January 2024).
  • Online Learning Resource for Adults – this freely available online course explores many aspects of Eric’s life and considers how his values and story are relevant to today’s society (available from October 2023).

We hope you enjoy exploring the resources and learning more about Eric Liddell. We value any feedback you have on the resources above, please do get in touch and let us know what you think.

The learning resources are available at no charge, but if you would like to donate to support the work of The Eric Liddell 100, please consider donating here.

Sporting Workstream

We are inviting sports clubs, organisations and schools to get involved by hosting Eric Liddell inspired sporting events. This could include, for example, the renaming of existing sports days and events as “The Eric Liddell Games”. We are developing resource packs with information and suggestions for how Eric’s story and values can be brought to life and incorporated into existing or new activities.

If you are involved in a sporting event which you would like to link with The Eric Liddell 100, please get in touch for further information.

Cultural Workstream

The Eric Liddell Exhibition

We are working with cultural sector experts to develop a touring exhibition about Eric Liddell. The exhibition will use a range of mediums to connect with audience s of different ages and will contain physical artefacts, images, text and digital content. Venues are being considered and plans developed for touring in Scotland, Europe, China and Hong Kong.

Eric Liddell Tartan

With the kind support of Kinloch Anderson kiltmakers, an Eric Liddell tartan has been designed and registered. The design was inspired by details from Eric’s life and the Liddell family were involved in selecting the final design.

The design takes inspiration from elements of the Dalziel tartan (connected to the Liddell name). The numbers 100 and 24 are included in the threadcount to reference the centenary of his 1924 Olympic success. Colours: yellow, representing gold, represents his gold medal; blue is for Scotland; navy blue for Scottish Rugby & Edinburgh University; red for China; green is intended to represent his family holidays at Carcant & his love of field sports and grey is intended to represent the pain of separation, internment & loss in his life.

For further information see The Scottish Register of Tartans

Eric Liddell StatueEric Liddell 100 Statue

We are working with renowned sculptor Amelia Rowcroft to develop proposals for an Eric Liddell memorial statue.

The creation of a maquette (scale model) and bust are part of the design process for making a statue and help the visualisation of the finished piece. Again, we are delighted to have been able to consult with the Liddell family in the design to ensure an accurate resemblance to Eric.

Interfaith Developments

In addition to the plans being taken forward via the three main workstream areas, we are also working with partners from faith and interfaith organisations and communities to consider events and activities that they might lead on to help secure and celebrate Eric Liddell’s legacy. We have had a good response from a wide range of organisations at a local, national and international level, who we are now working with to develop plans, including an Eric Liddell interfaith celebration at St Giles Cathedral in the summer of 2024.