Kate has been a dedicated volunteer since November 2016. She was introduced to volunteering with The Eric Liddell Community when a former Trustee suggested she volunteer with the Day Service Team.

For Kate, the clients are the highlight of her volunteer experience, “There is one client that I will sing with! – It has been suggested that we bring our singing act to Britain’s Got Talent!”

When talking about what she will do to brighten the day of our Day Services Clients Kate said, “I don’t mind! I’ll do anything!”

Kate enjoys volunteering with Day Service Staff who she describes as loving and caring. The Eric Liddell Community is not the first place she has been a dedicated volunteer, “Being a churchgoer, I have always done one thing or another in the community… It started at church with my family when I was just 3 years old. I get involved, So yes, a lifelong history of volunteering.”

We are so fortunate the have Kate continuing her lifelong volunteer service with us! She is an amazing part of our volunteer team and our clients love her!