Annette has been volunteering at The Eric Liddell Community for nearly 5 years. She volunteers regularly in our Dementia Day service and by doing community outreach with a former day service client.

Annette enjoys the challenge and diversity of the day spent supporting our Dementia Day Service, “All the activities are different, we keep it varied for the clients.”

Annette describes The Eric Liddell Community as “a bonus for the community really, a place people can go, try different things, great café, sports, just the variety, engage in the local community.”

When asked why she thinks volunteering is important Annette said, “I think it is important to have a structure when you retire. I’ve learnt a lot from volunteering in the Day Care Service.”
We would like to thank Annette for her amazing service to our Dementia Day Service. Both our clients and Staff think she does an amazing job. Volunteers make it possible to do what we do! They are a vital part of our community.