The Eric Liddell Centre is on the frontline with a £37,800 grant award to provide key support during lockdown

After following the guidance from the government, the Eric Liddell Centre made the very difficult decision to close their building and their care services.

The Eric Liddell Centre has been providing key support for the local community for 40 years and in that time have never experienced anything quite like the COVID-19 lockdown and the impact it has had on our support services for local people.

Despite the uncertain circumstances they found themselves in, the Eric Liddell Centre were committed to making alternative service arrangements to respond to vulnerable people’s needs at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This forward thinking approach was backed up with a grant award of £37,800 from the Scottish Governments Wellbeing Fund.

Since the lockdown, they have put in place the following new approaches and services:-

  • Lunch Delivery Programme for vulnerable people started on the 6th of April and since then, has delivered over 3,000 lunches throughout Edinburgh.
  • Practical support, help and advice to those living with dementia (shopping/prescription collection, well-being phone calls to clients/ families/carers and a stream of fun and engaging activities)
  • On-line, digital, health and wellbeing activities to keep mind, body and soul active  
  • Phone support to individuals, carers, groups and individuals who need some support, advice and contact
  • Innovative support programmes for those within Edinburgh who are in the “sheltered” group, as a result of advanced age, health condition or disability, or in a caring role. These people are socially disconnected from friends, family and loved ones and as a result, are in need of emotional support to respond to loneliness and isolation, financial worry, anxiety and depression, health concerns and, very sadly, bereavements.

John MacMillan, Chief Executive of the Eric Liddell Centre said:

“We are working hard to change perceptions of living with dementia, disabilities and mental health issues – we aim to show living a full life can be achieved with the correct support. The Eric Liddell Centre are on the frontline providing key support to vulnerable people across Edinburgh, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within a matter of hours following the lockdown being announced, my staff team had prepared a range of alternative methods to provide crucially important support to individuals and families – this includes the launch of a new service for those in the “sheltered” group, with the backing of almost £38,000 from the Wellbeing Fund. This award will make a huge and positive impact on the lives of many people who are socially disconnected and isolated.”

He went on to say, “The Eric Liddell Centre encourage individuals and families to live life to the max, regardless of circumstances and challenges – we care for people, as we would do for one of our own.”