Everyone is feeling the pinch this Christmas but for those on their own the challenge is even greater.

8 in 10 unpaid carers report feeling socially isolated and over 1/3 of people living with dementia feel lonely. But research has shown that laughter can be the best medicine. Laughter creates social bonds, reduces pain and anxiety and increases wellbeing. One of the attendees of our Liddell Lions Lunch Club said:

“I had a great time yesterday. I could not stop smiling on my way home. I don’t really have belly laughs anymore but I did yesterday. It was great to feel that feeling again.”

You can help give people in their local community the time together they deserve!

Since the lockdown measures ensured our Community Hub’s doors were closed, with you by our side, we have come along way. But there is still so much to do to create a community in which no one feels lonely or isolated.

Every donation, no matter the size, helps provide our local community the space and wide range of opportunities to meet and laugh with others.

£10 could provide a hot, nutritious two course meal at a Wellbeing Lunch
£20 could enable an unpaid carer to join a group outing in Edinburgh
£50 help provide specialist volunteer training to support our Dementia Day Service
£120 could help heat our Community Hub for a day

After two years of lockdowns, your gift this Christmas means more than ever before. Hear from some of our community below, what your gift of laughter could mean to them:

“This was the first time I’ve danced in 8 years. It was the best thing that has happened to me”

“It has given this old man a second wind, a second lease on life, It is something for him to do, meet with people and have a community”

“First my parents took care of me, then the RAF took care of me, then I met my wife and she took care of me, and now that my wife is gone, The ELC is taking care of me, these are the four stages of my life, that is what I tell everyone”

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