The Eric Liddell Community, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and Woodgate Consulting, has today (Tuesday 16th January 2024) launched The Eric Liddell 100 Online Learning Course. This initiative is part of The Eric Liddell 100 – a comprehensive programme of events and activities – for which Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, is the Patron.

The online learning course for adults is designed to preserve Eric Liddell’s legacy by providing an engaging and interactive course which is freely available on The Eric Liddell Community’s website. Developed by The University of Edinburgh and Woodgate Consulting, the course covers various facets of Eric’s life, work, and achievements, and explores how his actions paved the way for using sport as a powerful tool for good. Complementing the course content, an interactive timeline provides a chronological history of key moments and events in Eric’s remarkable life.

The Eric Liddell 100 has experienced significant momentum in recent months, culminating in a successful Parliamentary Reception last September, hosted by Daniel Johnston MSP and with key speaker, Patron of the charity and author Alexander McCall Smith. Following the launch of the adult online learning course, The Eric Liddell 100 will prepare to unveil The Eric Liddell 100 Education Resource for schools at Castlebrae High School in Edinburgh in February.

Leading this ground-breaking initiative is John MacMillan, CEO of the Eric Liddell Community – a registered care charity based in Edinburgh. John MacMillan, expressed his enthusiasm, stating: “The Eric Liddell 100 Online Learning Course symbolises our commitment to preserving Eric’s legacy and inspiring future generations. In the centenary of Eric’s iconic victory at the 1924 Olympic Games, it is only fitting that we celebrate, learn about, or remind ourselves of his extraordinary life and contributions to both sports and our community – even if for the first time. The collaboration with esteemed institutions and experts ensures the quality and depth of the educational materials, and tremendous effort has been made to ensure it is inclusive for all”.

Professor Dr Grant Jarvie of Edinburgh University added: “This initiative is a testament to the enduring impact of Eric Liddell’s life. The online course will play a crucial role in conveying his values and contributions. I am privileged to have been part of this”.

Amy Woodgate from Woodgate Consultancy shared: “It’s been an honour to contribute to the development of this course. Developed by a team of researchers from Scotland and China, we believe it will foster a deeper understanding of Eric Liddell’s legacy and its relevance in today’s world.”

The course is ideal for adults, students and anyone seeking to delve into the life of one of Scotland’s greatest sporting heroes. Retired Scottish and British athlete, Eilidh Doyle, said: “As a retired athlete, I’ve always found inspiration in the stories of those who came before us, and Eric Liddell’s journey is truly exceptional. His dedication to both sport and community service serves as a timeless example. For those who may not have encountered Eric’s story before, or perhaps have lost touch with it over the years, now is the perfect moment to rediscover his legacy, and remember one of Scotland’s greatest sporting heroes.”