In a heartfelt tribute to one of Scotland’s most celebrated sporting figures, The Eric Liddell 100 campaign celebrated a historic moment at the Stade De Colombes on Friday (22nd of March 2024). Nearly 100 years on from Eric Liddell’s Olympic Gold Medal in 1924, a plaque was unveiled at the very site where Eric Liddell clinched his legendary victory in the 1924 Olympics.

Local press and esteemed dignitaries from France, Scotland, and the UK gathered to witness this poignant occasion, highlighting the enduring legacy of Eric Liddell and his profound impact on generations to come. The ceremony, attended by 250 enthusiastic young participants, celebrated the shared heritage between nations.

The plaque, bearing an inscription in French, serves as a poignant reminder of Liddell’s remarkable achievements and the enduring bonds of friendship between France, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. Inscribed with words of reverence, it stands as a symbol of unity and inspiration for future generations.

The plaque reads:

Cette plaque est en l’honneur d’Eric Liddell, “‘Ecossais Volant”, et de sa victoire au Stade Yves-du-Manoir lors des Jeux Olympiques de Paris en 1924.
Un exemple sportif et humain qui demeure un symbole d’amitié entre la France, l’Écosse et le Royaume-Uni.
Une légende. Un héritage. Une source d’inspiration.
Inaugurée le 22 mars 2024.

Translated into English, it reads:

This plaque is in honour of Eric Liddell, the “Flying Scotsman”, and his victory at the Stade Yves-du-Manoir during the Paris Olympic Games in 1924.
A sporting and human example which remains a symbol of friendship between France, Scotland and the United Kingdom.
A legend. A heritage. A source of inspiration.
Inaugurated on March 22, 2024.

External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson said:

“This is a really special way to recognise the immense talent of Eric Liddell and to highlight his Olympic success in this very stadium almost 100 years ago. I’m proud of all the work by the Scottish Government and partners that has gone into making this happen. It’s important that his legacy is remembered, not just as one of Scotland’s great sportsmen, but also as a man who was dedicated to improving the lives of people across the world.”

The Eric Liddell 100 campaign – for which Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, is the Patron – launched in 2022, and remains committed in its promise to celebrate the life, sporting, and community service achievements of Eric Liddell. Through various initiatives, events, and activities, the campaign aims to honour his memory and share the timeless lessons of his life with the world.

Reflecting on the event, John Macmillan, CEO of The Eric Liddell 100 campaign, expressed his gratitude and anticipation for the occasion, stating:

“Celebrating Eric Liddell’s remarkable journey at the very grounds where he etched his name in Olympic history is a profound honour. Through the Eric Liddell 100 campaign, we strive not only to commemorate his extraordinary achievements but also to inspire all who encounter his story.

“Eric Liddell’s legacy transcends borders and generations; we believe that any individual can make a positive impact on the world if they approach the challenges they face with passion, compassion and integrity. Today, we stand united in preserving his legacy on an international platform, carrying forward these timeless values he embodied. We are thrilled to commemorate his achievements in Paris today, and to continue his legacy of service and dedication.”