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Holy Children Photography Exhibition

13 October, 2023

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Exciting news! We’re hosting a captivating ‘Holy Children’ photography exhibition in the South Wing, running until the 3rd November.

Exhibition Hours:
Mon: 4pm-6pm
Tue: 4pm-6pm
Wed: 3pm-6pm
Thu: 4pm-5pm
Fri: 3pm-7pm

Admission is FREE, and all photo sales support our charity. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy art and make a difference!

“Holy Children” is a photography exhibition dedicated to childhood by Javier Prieto, a Spanish photographer and tireless traveler who has journeyed through many regions of the world over the years. During numerous trips across the Asian continent, he has sketched a human map, with the human being as the axis of his artistic work. The spontaneity of children in Asia is noteworthy for any traveler. With tireless curiosity, Javier’s camera has sought to capture the freshness and aura that radiate from the children of Asia.

This exhibition brings together a collection of portraits of children from various regions of Asia that Javier has encountered during his travels through this enchanting continent, including India, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and more. Additionally, a child from Guatemala and two children from Nicaragua desired to be part of this exhibition, representing Central America. The other children from Asia had no issues being included in the exhibition. Children always live in a deeper unity than that of adults.

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