Jane has been volunteering at The Eric Liddell Community for nearly 3 years. When she retired she wanted to “continue to contribute to the community, and enjoyed working with older people” She chose The Eric Liddell Community because the centre is local to her, so she felt it was a good place to start. Jane began volunteering as befriender to a carer, and now is part of the team of volunteers who help out with our Wellbeing Lunch.

Jane has found volunteering for the Well Being Lunch very rewarding. “The Wellbeing lunch is great fun! It is fun working with the other volunteers, and great meeting so many interesting people. Lots of laughs. It is also a challenge to figure out how to provide the service in the most organized way. The guests just love to come for the company and they make lovely contacts between them. It is really nice to facilitate that. And Fiona’s Food is brilliant!”

Jane believes that volunteering is important because, “Basically, society would collapse without it! It gives volunteers as much as it gives anyone else. It is not us being goody-goody, we are getting back as much as we are giving.”

Thank you, Jane for all you do! We are so glad to have you on our team.